Market Research - Understanding the Core Consumer

V/T Engineering isn't just satisfied with making high quality products while taking the time to provide personalized customer service. Before we create anything, we always do an in-depth analysis of what our customer base truly wants. Unlike many companies who take the same design and apply it to every product they make, V/T Engineering utilizes advanced methods to understand the customer base. Our methods provide real knowledge that gives our company, and ultimately your company, confidence to produce highly appealing products that will sell. By understanding consumer behaviors and attitudes that are impacting their purchase decision, V/T Engineering is able to illuminate strategic opportunities that will benefit both us as a manufacturer and you as our retailers.

These methods also carry over to when we do OEM production for other companies, perhaps even yours. Though we would be happy with just producing a product based on the design provided by our clients, we always do an in-depth analysis using ethnography in order to verify whether this would become a profitable venture for both us and our client. Because we are creative in our research design, execution and analysis, we increase our probability of success, avoiding expensive mistakes, and gives us confidence in decision-making. Why make a product that will not draw in orders when the market is asking for something different? Together we can discover new directions both of our companies can move towards.